Know anyone who thinks...

They are some kind of bad ass? I Do. My gf is 5 7 108 and thinks she is bad as fuck. If I was to hit this bitch ass cunt one time. Her world would be fucked up for the rest of her life. Stupid cunt don't know when to shut her pie hole. May just bust her in the mouth to see what jail is like. Phone Post 3.0

This isn't Vietnam you know.


Take it Easy there la'marcus 

Is she from the Northeast?

Two black eyes Phone Post 3.0

What OP didn't share was that he's only 4'9 and 92 pounds.

She's one of them what they call mid west bitches. But it's actually southern indiana. Phone Post 3.0

No she's 5 7 and 108. And by far one of the laziest bitches ever. Phone Post 3.0

I was seeing a girl who thought her "Kung Fu" would help her in a fight against a man, let alone someone who got the drop on her.

I told her sometime within a couple weeks I was going to attack her and have my filthy way with her and she could do anything in her power to stop me. She said great, but that I better get ready to be in pain... LOL.

I had her email and text back and forth with me for a few days about her impending "assault" so there was a great deal of evidence about our play...

I would normally call her when I arrived and she would come out to meet me for coffee down the street from her place.. I did the same thing, but this time stayed in my car and when I saw her go to the coffee house I went into her place with a key she gave me.

I called her and told her I was stuck on the 80 bridge (living just outside San Francisco), and she should go hole and take a shower.

I saw her walking down the breezeway between the two Victorian houses, the back of which her 1bd apartment was nestled on the second floor about a garage... as she approached the stairs I hid the the right of the door knowing it would open and block me from view. I took my beanie off and had a plan to throw over her head form behind as she turned to shut the door.

Lots happened over the next couple hours, with cries of "I cant believe its this easy," to "I cant stop cumming you fucker," both of which were a few of the many that warranted my spitting in her face.


Bad monkey I can tell you have your shit together good job. Phone Post 3.0

Do it, you stupid piece of shit. Do it. Phone Post 3.0

KICK - She's one of them what they call mid west bitches. But it's actually southern indiana. Phone Post 3.0

Indiana is filled with mouthy, violent people. 

I am not surprised by her behavior. 

I hate when people try act bad ass

Toughest guy here. Phone Post 3.0

Are you sure youre not gay?

Hey Badmonkey I bet you couldn't "attack" me like that

3476 Mulberry Drive....I'll be home around 7

Lmao@ Irish sunglasses.