Know anything about speed reading?

Anybody take a course on speed reading? Does it really work? Got any reccomendations?

I'd like to know more too, specifically about the EyeQ program.

Thanks......Can you send it to my mma account? Will it even hold attachments?




Thanks man.

Got It....Thanks a lot.

groundfighter2000, could you send it to me, too?

Thanks groundfighter2000 and John!

I'll send the next request, if you want.

Glenn, please hook me up!

Buddhadev, it was just sent!

Buddhadev, I'm sorry I spoke too soon. I just read the failure notice from Yahoo. I tried to send it to both the gmail account, and the hotmail account you have listed on your profile. Could someone else give it a try? Maybe it's just my account?


Want to try my work email?

Sent. Let me know if you got it...

It came through, but the corp exchange server won't let me touch an exe attachment. Just sent you an email from my gmail acct. Can you tell me if it got through? Thanks bro. It's weird that yahoo mail and gmail would have problems talking to each other.