Know your MMA scoring (link )


J. Octagon Control 1. The fighter who is dictating the pace, place and position of the fight. 2. A striker who fends off a grappler's takedown attempt to remain standing and effectively strike is octagon control. 3. A grappler who can takedown an effective standing striker to ground fight is octagon control. 4. The fighter on the ground who creates submission, mount or clean striking opportunities

K. Effective Aggressiveness 1. This simply means who is moving forward and finding success.(scoring) 2. Throwing a strike moving backwards is not as effective as a strike thrown moving forward. 3. Throwing strikes and not landing is not effective aggressiveness. 4. Moving forward and getting struck is not effective aggressiveness. 5. Shooting takedowns and getting countered and fended off is not effective aggressiveness.

According to K, Diaz was not showing effective aggressiveness. According to J he was not displaying Octagon Control.

L. Criteria Evaluation 1. Each judge is to evaluate which fighter was most effective. Thus striking and grappling skills are TOP priority.

 So the decision was correct after all.