"Knowledge replaces fear"

Recently an individual wrote to me with a call signature of:


Any knowledge that REPLACES fear is not "knowledge," but psychosis. Fear is the most positive survival gift we own genetically. Only cadavers and psychotics do not fear. Fear is the shadow intelligence of MORALE - and on the battlefield, on patrol, on the streets, hell, even on the mat, the only things you have is your tenacity, your testicles and your teeth.


This is from memory from Tony Blauer's Fear tape:

I hate snakes and spides and I think that aliens brought them here to terrorize me. Something I've never done, and I teach this stuff, is to go to a store and learn about snakes. Learn which attack by biting and which attack by contricting. Which are poisonous and which aren't. This won't change my fear and I certainly won't by a pet snake but the information lets me handle my fear.

It was something like that.


"Understanding is the yoke of fear."

Return to your therapist and don't seek online advice, especially from martial artists.