KO of the year nominee at M-1 Global Challenge 26

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                                KO of the year nominee at M-1 Global Challenge 26

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(KO at 1:44, slomo at 2:50)

Tyson ‘The Anti-Hero' Jeffries faced feared Russian striker at M-1 Challenge 26, which aired live on Showtime last night at 11 p.m. ET/PT (Delayed on the West Coast).

"The European fighters who participated in the March card set an extremely high bar this time out. Guseinov has been very vocal about making this an entertaining battle" said M-1 Global Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan.

Team Quest's Jeffries won the 2010 M-1 Selection Americas tournament last September with a spectacular triangle-armbar victory over Mike Geurin. Last night Jeffries was coming back from a crushing defeat against the division's newly crowned champion Magomed Sultanakhmedov.

Action-Force Fight Team's Guseinov was coming off back-to-back losses against Beslan Esaev and Luigi Fioravanti. Known for his deadly spinning back-kicks and high kicks, Guseinov did not dissapoint.

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When I saw this last night I woke people up when I screamed. Nasty quick KO.

Niiiiice. lol @ Mauro going apeshit over it and calling it KO of the year.

Bat21 - Niiiiice. lol @ Mauro going apeshit over it and calling it KO of the year.

His job


fucking  awesome KO, but not even the best spinning backfist of the year in my opinion

Kenny Garner def. Pat Bennett via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 1:15
Arthur Guseinov def. Tyson Jeffries via knockout (spinning backfist) – Round 1, 1:32
Mairbek Taisumov def. Josh Bacallao via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 2:01
Daniel Weichel def. Bau Baker via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)
Eddie Arizmendi def. Jason Norwood via knockout (strikes) – Round 2, 4:55


its good, it wouldnt win KO of the year tho

 beautiful card last night


Amazing KO.... was bad ass how he trash talked to him before doing it too.

was a great night of fights. Garner was pretty funny in a post interview i saw in person. yelling at the cameras saying he hits harder. lol good stuff

What's with the dude "come at me bro"-ing him at the end of it?

 not KO of the year.

Monsieur Candie - God Mauro has to always fucking ruin these fights with his stupid lines.

"MAMMA MIAAA!!" If you had a guest over screaming shit like that after every fight, you'd ask them to leave.

 It classed the production up IMO