KO Power

In terms of KO power, which Japanese kakutougi fighters have gotten the most KOs? With that in mind, I mean standing KOs, similar to Takaya's of Paling.

In just MMA?

Might get my head bitten off here but,...

I don't think Takaya's KO power is that great.

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I'd say Gono.He has alot of KO's.

Takaya's KO power is above average.I'd love to see him fight Jens to see who is the best 143 lbs striker.

Hmmm....Kid Yamamoto has good KO power.Abe has good power in his hands but he can never capitilize on it.

Yeah,I'd say it's Gono.

outside of crocop i don't think many fighters have that many clean standing ko's. i think maeda, kondo, and in fact gomi, kawajiri are candidates

IS Gono still the All-Japan Kickboxing Heavyweight Champ or did Satoru Sayama's kid Sakuragi take his belt?

Sakuragi vs. Gono wasnt a title match.

I forgot about Kawajiri,he should be a candidate,Maeda too.

Masato, Kohiruimaki, Gomi, Takaya, Kozo, and Kid Yamamoto have some KO power.