Kobe did it on purpose?

I didn't see the Kings v. Lakers game, but I saw on Tv and various reports that Kobe didn't shoot the ball as much as he usually does because he wanted to make a statement to his teammates who were criticizing him for taking too many shots. For those of you who watched the game, was that your impression?

I do find it odd that Kobe credited the Kings for their superb defense. Is he trolling?


He wasn't trying to sabotage the game, but he clearly had an agenda out there.

yeah sounds like something kobe would do

He's done this before, it's not too surprising that he's acting childish.

Yeah, I just thought at this point in his career he'd be over this shit, especially in a game that was so fuckin important to his team. lol, what a tool.

The announcers credited the Kings' defense, which was sending double teams from unexpected places.

But what do they know. If it's an internet rumour, it must be true! Kobe is so childish.

bob, I agree that they did a good job defending Kobe, but still, he didn't play like himself until very late in the game.

sac does a good job defensively sometimes, whenever they play dallas i notice they both play pretty good d, it's really weird but it happens

they threw aggressive double teams at him, not allowing space for him to execute his offense.

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I mean, the guy hasn't had a defense focused on stopping him in his entire career.

lol @ bounce