Kobe vs T-Mac

They went at it last night and Kobe proved that he is the better of the two. Even with a hurt shoulder and having to "share" with the other hall of famers he single-handedly brought the Lakers back and shut T-Mac down.

That being said, T-Mac is a scoring freak. Go Lakes!!

Kobe can do the same thing but every since Shaq starting bitching about Kobe not being a "team" player Kobe has tried to do a lot more passing. Plus his shoulder is still not at 100%. It still gives him lots of problems. T-Mac is a scoring phenom but he does not have that killer instinct like Kobe and he is not in the same league when it comes to defense. Like I said Kobe shut him down while T-Mac could do nothing to stop Kobe.

Everyone plays their best when they play the Lakers. Anyway the thread was about Kobe and Tracy..

Dude, if you saw the game, Kobe was handchecking and the lakers were doubleteaming and tripleteaming T-Mac everytime. Kobe had the luxury of getting all the calls and playing one-on-one agianst a shitty magic defense, and he still barely performed better than T-Mac.

Plus, T-mac got 10 assists with shitty teammates. I'd like to see what he could do with a superstar supporting cast.

Tmac is the more talented player. Kobe plays with more heart. But one on one...without help...Tmac would kill him. Let Kobe have his own team next year and we'll see how he'll do. Kobe legacy needs to be tested by starting on a new team.

T-Mac may be, and I do mean MAY be, a slightly better scorer but he is not more talented.

Read Phatfarmer's post. Tmac was given double and triple teams all night. There were a few one-on-one situations, but Kobe did get away with alot of handchecks. Kobe is a good defender, but I think it was team defense that shut Tmac down.

Also, Tmac barely guarded Kobe. It was DeShawn Stevenson that mainly guarded him. Playing with hall of famers isn't determinental to your game as well. No one is going to leave their players to help out on Kobe and run him off screens and three point lines because any given player on the lakers can make a jump shot or get to the hole. While on the Magic, you can leave any player and help out without much of a threat.

That being said, Kobe played great last night. Tmac, my only criticism is that he should have driven baseline more often because he was getting by Kobe at will. He also has to put the ball on the floor more often in the post and not try to elevate over every player.

I'm a Laker fan, and I personally don't know which is the better player. I think most people just say Kobe is better because he's on TV and in the news more.

Last year, McGrady was the better player - he scored more points on a higher FG% and took more threes for a higher 3P%, he also had way fewer turnovers and comparable assist and rebound stats.

This year, Kobe's scoring has obviously been limited by injuries and the presence of Malone and Payton. McGrady's been scoring like he always does, but not as efficiently as he was last year.

There's also no reason that Mcgrady shouldn't be better on defense. He's 6-8 with quickness and long arms, he could be a stopper but he just doesn't seem to try very hard on the defensive end.

Don't jump to the conclusion that Kobe is better just because the Lakers won last night. Kobe played great, but Shaq also grabbed 12 offensive boards (Orlando's big men have to be the worst in the league) and the other players contributed too.

I personally think McGrady should just get out of Orlando. That franchaise appears to only be going downhill. Some people down there are STILL talking about Grant Hill coming back and being a player.

"Last year, McGrady was the better player "

Last year McGrady was the best player in the league.

kanotoa I don't know why you hate TMAC but it's making you delusional. Kobe would rape Tracy, but not Tracy McGrady.

" Last year McGrady was the best player in the league"

Correction Duncan was...

Kobe is better than T-Mac because he gets his team involved....

"Kobe is better than T-Mac because he gets his team involved...."

How do you figure that? Their assist numbers are about even, and that's with TMac not having much help in terms of guys to pass to. With a guy like shaq on his team, kobe takes too many shots, while tmac shoots as much as he does because he doesn't have any help.

When the lakers played the kings not too long ago, it was ridiculous the shots that kobe was taking, while shaq was shooting about 75%.

T-Mac doesnt want to pass the ball or share the spotlight, just ask Vince Carter..T-Mac only cares about his stats..Kobe is more concerned with winning, not to mention he is a better defender than Tmac.

"T-Mac doesnt want to pass the ball or share the spotlight"

LOL at this post. T MAC reg. passes to MAGIC cutters( i don't even kno their name )...but the saddest part is these guys BLOWWWWWWW lay ups. His teammates can't score inside or outside.

You people do realize that basketball is a team sport right?

Shadetree is incorrect. McGrady is not any more selfish than Kobe is. Both of them care about stats, every basketball player is at least aware of their stats, but McGrady is not any more of a ballhog than Kobe.

I think if you took Kobe off the Lakers and put McGrady in, they still would have won those championships.

"Correction Duncan was... "

Correction....GARNETT was. Duncan and TMac were tied for second.

"Correction....GARNETT was. Duncan and TMac were tied for second."

If Garnett was he would have at the very least been able to get his team out of the first round.

quick it's a team sport

And McGrady on the Lakers would equal the same number of titles. Kobe on the Magic would equal the same horrible record.

"If Garnett was he would have at the very least been able to get his team out of the first round."

He played the Lakers in the first round. San Antonio has lost to the Lakers in the playoffs, does that mean Tim Duncan wasn't a deserving MVP?

Plus, Garnett had very little talent around him compared to the other big western teams.