Kobe will posterize Shaq

I definitely see this happening in one of their games next year, unless Shaq decides to be injured for those matchups. heh

I could also see, a Type II flagrant foul against kobe for attempting to posterize Shaq.

I think Cire is probably closer to the correct.

"Kind of like Shaq would be "injured" early in his career when it was time to play against David Robinson."

shaq always dominated robinson. at least from my memory

Brian is off point, and while Cire knows whatsup I think that on Kobe's first attempt of a posterization of Shaq he'd have his knee up and ready to deal with the elephant trunk that was slung at him by the sloppderbeast known as Shaq.

Shaq might even try and give chase after the monster knee Kobe is gonna stick in his gizzard. lol

He's smarter than Shaq imo, even though he was tarded enough to bang a dirty dirty duuuuuuurty white skank. lol

I just shat myself thinkin about the first time the Heat and Lakers play, that is gonna be sick!

I miss Shaq ..but now he's the enemy So Kobe will destroy him!!!!!!!!

LOL @ wolfdeth!!

Brian, that's a good post.

Kobe is not known for posterizing peeps like MJ. MJ has dunked on pretty much every1 up to the age of 35. LOL.

Kobe will serve Shaq a facial just like he did Katelyn Faber! Book it!


The date of the posterization is December 25th. Kobe's gonna give Shaq a facial for his Christmas present.

Just watch, it will be magnificent. :)