kochiki daoshi ?

can someone plz explain me step by step this kind of leg grab _teguruma?
thanks !

_http://www.judoinfo.com/video/osaka03/ZVIADAURI120903OSAKA2003.wmv or http://www.judoinfo.com/video/osaka03/MAKARAU110903OSAKA2003A.wmv

its a near leg-pick/drop.. often used by opposite-side players.
mareshmaelli used it to dismiss benbeoudau in the finals of the 2003 worlds. he knew Ben would go for his left Ko-uchi and let him. as he came forward he dropped behind his left side and just took his leg in the same direction as the ko-uchi.. bam!

often people will hook the leg like a kosoto or they will just drop their leg straight like a yokogake. depends on you.


thanks josh i apreciate

One of my favorite attacks, although I like to stand up and sweep the supporting leg (the one that's not picked) from outside to inside.

the dropping version done now provides a huge amount of imputeus to the throw. it also improves the overall speed of the throw allowing for further control and greater odds of uke hitting his back flatly.. then again, its all about the person doing it moreso than anything.


a sprawl and a crossface would have done worlds for uke in that first video..

BiC: The only problem is, the Crossface you have to be... Uhm subtle with... Pretend like you are going for the collar on the opposite side.

all the more reason to have a better sprawl..

Man, I really can't believe they'll award Ippon off that...

kai, if he's going to let the guy get his leg like that then he deserves it..

BiC: Just I've seen some matches here in michigan where a leg is grabbed like that and they fall on their back, you may get a wazari, if you're lucky.