kodokan or swain for self defense?

i was told the kodokan vids are directed towards self-defense and swains for competions ,is this right ? if not which would you guys recomend, im talking about the throwing videos?

For self defense I'd recommend taking the video money and buying a nice pair of running shoes...but I guess that's no fun.

So, I think the question is, are you looking for self defense that is more like:

A) here's a technique X


B) person does X so I do Y


C) let's explore technique/situation Z

or something else?

The Kodokan throwing videos I have seen are more demonstrating various techniques and variations, unless you are talking about the goshin-jitsu or kime-no-kata videos. Those are very much "person does X so you do Y" self-defense-type situations.

Swain has a lot of videos, the newaza set has a little bit of self-defense, specifically adapting some throws to no gi.