Kombat Fitness opening soon...

Opening soon, Kombat Fitness affiliated with Kombat Arts Training academy. We will be offering an exciting list of programs including Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Boxing. Located at 875 St. Clair st. ave west on the 3rd floor, if you are interested in training with us you will get a free week, for more info call Jeff at (416) 873 8447 or the school at (416) 850 3222.

Instructors: Mark Bocek
BJJ Black Belt
2002 purple belt open class world champ
3X pan am medalist
Grapplers Quest Champ
5X Canadian Champ

          Sam Zakula
          BJJ Brown Belt
          Assistant instructor at Cobra Kai in Las
          World class MMA trainer, has trained   
          notables such as Mark Coleman, Kevin 
          Randleman and Phil Baroni, Carlos 
          Newton and Jason (Mayhem) Miller

          Edward Denobrega
          Ranked 8th in the world, pro muay thai



Mark, what days will you be teaching there and at what time? Shoot me an email regarding the pics for your site.


Don't forget that Mark Bocek will be at Fateh's in London this Sunday the 19th!

Go to www.fateh.ca for more info!


boc will you still be teaching at the places you're teaching now?

shit, that's right beside my condo. I'll definitely have to take you up on that free week offer.

This is VERY exciting news for the GTA Jiu-Jitsu/Martial Arts/MMA scene. Great to see that Sam Zakula and Mark Bocek teaming up and in such a convenient location. According to the one young athlete I hear from all the time, Zakula really is an encyclopedia.

Ed Denobrega is on another level when it comes to functional striking. Note that he fought Thai as a pro. Competing in Thai is badass. Competing and excelling as a PRO at the world level requires an uncommon level of athleticism, determination and straightforward talent. Being able to teach why he was successful is a HUGE opportunity for students.

All the best to these people on this new venture!!!


Wow! I can't wait to train with those guys




wow ttt...

Good news--will there be a website giving us more detail about the school?? Schedule, fees, etc..

sounds like it will be a great school.

I still use sweeps Sam showed me from a couple of years ago. Good luck with the club guys




Great News!