Kombat Zone #13-Results

Roman Zehner over Larry Collett by Choke at 2:32 of rd 2/
Jeremy Williams over John Daring by G-choke at 1:53 of rd 2/ Craig Berning over Zach Curtis by G-choke at 1:09 of rd 1/ Brent Jones over Josh Watkins by G-choke at 1:55 of rd 2/ David Hicks over David Goings TKO knee to head at 22 secs of rd 1/ Devin Combs over Charles Dyess by G-choke at 1:45 of rd 1/ Dave Corbin over Billy Myers by ref stoppage/strikes at 15 secs of rd 1/ Derrick Fisher over Trent Bussen by ref stop/strikes at 2:36 of rd 1/Matt Smith over Rusty Mason TKO strikes at 35 secs of rd 1/ Chris Cole over Kurtis Hornbeak by armbar at 17 secs of rd 1/Zach Dunlap over Don Miller Tapout/strikes at 1:48 of rd 1/ Gabe Brooks won the KZ Flyweight Title over JR Christenberry by G-choke at 51 secs of rd 1/ Mike Damron lost his KZ middle wgt title to Zach Pankop by TKO/knee strike to head at 1:44 of rd 1/Brandon Marcum over Brian Parra ref stop/strikes at 46 secs of rd 1/ Brodie Depew over Chad Overfield by Armbat at 1:14 of rd 1/ Jes Reeve over Jessie Roby by ref stop/strikes at 1:13 of rd 1. Great night of action, thanks to all! See you March 29th for Kombat Zone #14 "Respect".

Oh yeah... Brian Hays and Justin Wade were face to face as we announced the match for March 29th. I think Justin started to sweat a little when Brian smiled at him. LOL
Anyway all was good, Dave Hart at ringside, Justin did a good job as ref for 4 bouts.

That was good, for a rhyme; but what ya gonna say when Brian Hays ruins your day? It wont be April, or even May, and I hope your eating all your starch, cause Brian will beat you down, at the end of March!

Thanks for helping out at the show. I will start on the next show soon, I am looking at making you guys a feature or maybe main event. If i can get some flyers down, can you put them out at Pieres? Go to Komabtzonemma.com

We are trying to get this going, I have so much on my plate right now.

ive heard about these rhymes. i hope you can fight better then you can rap. just like randy says i love to ruin days. and you better get a uhaul truck to move your shit cause im gonna be evicting you from your home.peace out


lol thats funny