Kombat Zone #19-"Tri State Brawl"

Here is the line up:

Jeremy Carter (Michigan) -vs- Brett Jones (Indiana)
Daryl Thompson (Mich) -vs- Kyle Petit (Ohio)
Jeff Haston (Ind) -vs- Dan Nagle (Ind)
Jamie Murray (Mich) -vs- Jason Tuttle (Ind)
Andrew Morton (Mich) -vs- John Chapman (Ohio)
Jason Petit (Ohio) -vs- Justin Tuttle (Ind)
Chris Lowry (Ind) -vs- Matt Carter (Ind)
Ben Deleon (Ind) -vs- Corby Mercer (Ind)
Tim Arthur (Ind) -vs- Spencer Anborn (Ind)
John Gaffke (Mich) -vs- James Chapman (Ohio)
Brodie Depew (Ind) -vs- Brian Hays (Ind)
Brian Householder (Mich) -vs- Mike Damron (Ind)
Matt Montalvo (Ohio) -vs- Shane Rece (Ind)
Josh King (Ohio) -vs- Jason Lowry (Ind)
Carlos Vasquez (Ind) -vs- Alberto Hernandez (Ind)
John Lloyd ( Mich) -vs- Zack Pankop (Ind)
Shamir Garcia (Mich) -vs- Zack Dunlap (Ind)
Dave Corbin (Ohio) -vs- Mike Leucuta (Ind)
Michael Ray (Ind-Medic)-vs-Patrick Heidenreich (Ind- LEO)

Fighters yet to be matched: Casey Geyer-240
Steve Rollins - 170
Don Miller-220

Lets get it on!


 We want to thank Randy and the folks in Indiana for hosting this event and allowing our guys the opportunity to compete out of state..

 We are stoked..I've reffed a lot of these guys in the past and Indiana always has great shows and the fighters always have lion's hearts..

 I got my start in the Indiana fight scene over 10 years ago and the crowds are always full of great people, die hard fans, and true sportsmen.

 See ya all on Saturday! Lets put on a great show and show these fans how far this sport has come and what kind of gentlemen we are outside the cage as well!

Go, Team Effort!


 Good to see Ben Deleon still getting in there.

Check the other thread, we had a 145 lber injury, and still need a 110-120 lber new guy. The local 110 guy took a bb in the eye!

woot woot!!

2 mo days!

Still need to get a 155 lb guy, Steve will fight anyone below 170.

Ok, got Steve covered, AND the 120 lber!

u r tha man!

HOLY CRAP! I saw one of the girls from the fitness center today...schwiiinnngggg!