Kombat Zone 9- Battle for Belts

June 30th at CCC building (same as last time). All most all KZ belts are on the line for this one! E-mail for info: rwduhamell@yahoo.com

great. i cant wait, you guys always put on great shows with good fights. Do you know if adam brady will be fighting or either of the handshoe brothers?

Yes, Adam Brady will in a a 4 way run for the Kombat Zone Lt. Wgt. Title Belt on June 30th so will Travis Anderson, Jason Lowry and either NIck Miner or Shane Rece. We are having many title belt fights, it should be an exciting show. Two Female Titles also on the line.

Justin, we could do that! I have two or three guys you could fight, have you know who make the call!

Are the fights still on? I havent seen any event posters around or any yard signs like the last KZ.

Yes it is ON! New (or should I say newly enforced) City Ordinance means no signs in many places. 60 tables sold as of Monday night. SHould be good as before or better.

Justin, please call me tonight if possible, 260-920-0200. Tickets are 20 for General admission and 25 for table seats that are left. 62 tables sold already!

Ok people, it on! Justin Wade -vs- Derek Hicks for Super Heavy Wgt. Battle for the Belts Championship! whhooooooooo!

would anyone be interested in posting the full event results? thanks ahead of time