Konan needs kidney transplant

--Regarding stories that have come out of Mexico on Konnan, he did not have the scheduled hip replacement surgery on Wednesday because when they opened him up, they found his kidneys in terrible shape and didn't want to risk surgery. Konnan is back in the U.S. undergoing kidney dialysis regularly until next week. He is scheduled for surgery late next week, but the bad news is his kidneys are so damaged he needs a kidney transplant.


His catch phrases got old real fast for me but it would be a damn shame if this put his wrestling career in danger.  I really like his role in LAX.

Wow, sorry to hear this, although many people lead somewhat active and productive lives on dialysis.

I think Meltz had too much egg nog when writing. The most plausible scenario is that it was discovered during his pre-surgery blood work.

If true, his in ring career is over. Best wishes though on being able to lead a normal life.

"The most plausible scenario is that it was discovered during his pre-surgery blood work."

I think you're right. My understanding is that surgeons make sure the patient is ready before they ever get to the operating room.

Konan hasn't been wrestling at all as far as I've seen. He's just been filling the manager role for LAX...talking on the mike, interfering, and hitting people with his blackjack (or whatever that weapon is he carries).

I can't stand his in-ring character. I've wanted to see him get a beatdown for a while now.

I was amazed that he was still taking (minor) bumps as of a few weeks ago, with his hips as fucked up as they are

i will give him my kidney!!

Off-screen he walks around with a cane

Dojo just put the correct on dialysis


Maybe he can get a kidney with some talent in it.

That's cold, but I admit it, I laughed. VIVA LA RAZA!!

Dialysis treatments last roughly four hours. They drain all of your blood, filter out the waste, and cycle it back into your body. You can imagine how exhausted the person feels after a treatment. People with kidney failure usually require dialysis anywhere from 2-4 times per week. If Konan requires dialysis, his wrestling career is pretty much done.