Kondo vs. Shannon Ritch 6/22

According to Gryphon's site, Yuki Kondo vs. Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch on 6/22 Pancrase Card in Japan.

Are Kondo and Silva still fighting?

i hope this isn't true.
what an enormous mismatch.

It is true he will be fighting him.

Shannon is living the life man. Here is a guy with not the greatest record but because he is willing to fight anyone at the drop of a hat he gets the call for huge fights.

Big props to Shannon.


You have mail re: Dungal Fighting Championships.

Thanks bro.

Dear Shannon,

Please don't die.

Thank you.

There are a lot of things I want to say right now but I am not even going to bother.


The Cannon will win this fight!!! TTT for the underdog!

man how does he get all these fights? I cant seem to buy my way into a fight :(.

I am probably Ritch's #1 supporter on the forum.

If ritch beats Kondo, it will open up a lot of new doors for him.

Good luck Ritch.

I'm not Ritch's biggest supporter, but I'm glad to see he has turned his record around a bit and is winning more these days.

Again, not a guy who would pay to see Ritch fight based on his previous history of quitting due to mild adversity in order to fight again 3 days later. However, Thurgood is obviously correct, if he does win (and anything can happen in a fight) it will open up more doors for him. Perhaps enough that he can afford to fight less and focus on fighting on through adversity.

Good luck Shannon!!


Man, I constantly defend Shannon fighting so frequently and wish him luck in his big fights but he REALLY doesn't even deserve this match. He just fought and lost a week ago!! I feel like a dick for saying so but hey, I'm always supporting, not in this fight though. And I don't want any early tap shit either, I want him to feel the sting of Kondo's punches. lol, now I feel bad. :)

Props to Shannon for taking a tough fight. Alot of BALLS!!! GOOD LUCK

I almost always root for the underdog.......wouldn't it be hilarious if Shannon won?



lol, sweet. watch out for those flying knees


What a mismatch

good luck shannon