Kongo vs Brock

Be a great fight for brocks return Phone Post


Brock would win given that he's considerably bigger and has way better wrestling.

It's interesting though how they seem to have the exact opposite reaction to getting punched in the face.

Kongo vs brock... No!

Brock vs Mir.... Yes!
Brock vs Barnett.... Fight I would like to see
Brock vs Carwin again.... Another fight I'd like to see Phone Post

Fuck brock mir.

Mix it up.

Brock Kongo is a good match.

Brock vs dom. Cruz please Phone Post

 Yes, this fight makes sense.

Brock vs Carwin.

Brock would maul Kongo worse than he did frank... Phone Post

Golden Glory fan - Brock vs dom. Cruz please Phone Post

This fight makes sence. It would finally make P4P lists relevant Phone Post