Which are the best shorts?

I have a pair of Sprawl shorts but I keep hearing great things about both KONJO, and HITMAN loose fit shorts. Are the Hitman shorts like the NOGI, or the TAPOUT shorts? I haven't gotten to see Hitman shorts first hand.

The forecast says thunderstorms and lightning will be coming up soon.

Am I missing something jacketwrestler?

if u keep this thread up, u'll see what i'm talking about.

In all honesty I can say that hitman, Tapout and Nogi shorts are all very similar and perform outstanding... a few variations between the pairs in terms of aesthetics and other small details.

Contrary to popular belief on this board, Sprawl is just ok imho. The lesser quality of the four companies mentioned. Better than most but not the best. They add an extra elastic peice of material in the crotch/groin area and a slit up the legs to make up for the lack of elasticity in the rest of the material used in the shorts. I think the material is to rough and susceptable to tearing, which I have seen first hand. But if you like the design and the feel then that is your personal choice.

The 3 companies first mentioned all have more elasticity in general and do not need such alterations to allow for complete movement and great performence.

It all just depends on your personal likes and style is probably the biggest. If you like the way the slit looks up the side then Sprawl is for you.

If you like the board short look without the slit, then you should check out the Hitman, Tapout and Nogi.

not sure about tapout or nogi. I just rec'd my Hitman board shorts yesterday and wore them to CSW class. They rocked. They fit perfectly. they were VERY comfortable on the mat grappling, and standing up boxing. I'm glad I chose HITMAN.

SPRAWL, by far.

I think hitman shorts are by far the best. The sprawl shorts which i have two of, which i regret ever buying, are sorry, i would never wear them in a fight, they are ok for grappling, but if you plan on kicking and stuff, they are no good.

what do the konjo shorts look like? i have the original sprawl shorts and they are okay. it hasn't ripped on me yet. i also have the clinchgear shorts which i really like. their shorts also have elastic material on the side of the legs and crotch area. their waist closure will not come off guaranteed!!

In my opinion, Sprawl just stands out as the best. They've been producing high quality shorts (and lately other apparel) for a long time now, consistently. There's a reason why you can't watch an MMA event without seeing a bunch of guys wearing Sprawl (many of whom aren't sponsored).

"they are ok for grappling, but if you plan on kicking and stuff, they are no good."

Rich Clementi (among others) would disagree with you. I don't want to make a list, but we've all seen fighters in shows from Reality Fighting right up to the UFC wearing Sprawl shorts and not having trouble throwing kicks.

Regarding No-Gi, I think they have a lot of sharp looking gear, especially their rashguards. Not familiar with Konjo.