Kool Aid and Nikes


Please watch the entire clip. Its just a reminder of sorts. I personally forget or try to pretend this does not go on and worse yet, has a large following. But...

This is what is truly scary part about what we all enjoy doing (the martial arts) and sadly enough the very same way such myth and outright lies to one degree or another penetrate everything from police & military tactics, to religion and politics.

Please take the time to look at this guy's eyes and tone of speach as well as those about and around him. The kool aid, nikes, and decoder ring is not far behind.

The ending is outright hilarious when such false and dillusional thinking encounters reality...in this case, ....the martial athlete or trained fighter .

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LOL! I saw that this morning on the OG. Great stuff.

Would have been funny when the reporter asked "What could cause this?" and instead of saying "Shock." he said "Hysteria delusion & psycho-suggestion!!!"

Then the one student says: "If you don't believe it, come on down and we'll be happy to knock you out."

Selective memory doesn't recall the BJJ students that "came down".


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Another sad part to this is even though it failed the test the reporter put it through they still gave out the contact and business info for the "Dim Mak" school yet no info was given for Carlson's place.
It would have made a great commercial for Jr./Sr.


Excellent point but unfortunately the news is just another tv show (especially these days) and actually has much in common with that guy.


So sad and yet so true.

I hope everyone does this and starts a revolution in the martial arts community... better yet the world! Maybe then I can reach my goals of global domination!!!!!!

O.K. so now I've been exposed. I was working on sending my chi power across the internet and knocking ALL you guys out!

what do nikes have to do with anything?

Am I missing something?

I believe it to be in reference to the Heavens Gate cult. Nike's were part of their departure uniform.

Thanks, Aaron!

So you can't get off the earth without Nikes?

I'll have to remember that if I ever get a chance to hop a ride on a flying saucer.

Serriously, I thought the reporter was way too gentle on the guy. I would have liked to see Geraldo do a number on him.

i get a 404 error, it's not there

but good thing i'm wearing a tinfoil hat cause they protect you from dim mak

www.bullshido.com is hosting a copy of this video. It's on the front page.

It's a train wreck...be afraid. be very afraid.

And more of the same with a much bigger budget and marketing:

Delta and Seals won't go near his hands?

How can people buy this? They depend on another's experiences and will not discover their own.

I think this material below is a great disservice by the way. Especially to peace officers and proffesionals in the line of danger daily.

http://hunterkarate.com/Cable modem huntercdt03.wmv




Linked for Luis:

http://hunterkarate.com/Cable modem huntercdt03.wmv

250lb Badguy: RAHHHRGH, I'm gonna crush you, Little Helpless Infomercial Actress! C'mere and let me choke you with my big meathooks!

LHIA: *tweak*

250lb Badguy: owwwweeeeeee, stop pinching my arm! Ok, ok ok ok , you win!

That was beyond bad! The worst of the twisty wristy and pressure points combined with attackers who just stand there or move and attack unrealisticly.

At least the first clip looked stupid to an average thinking person.

The CDT clip probably looks plausable to someone without real experience against a resisting attacker. And that makes it much more dangerous because more people would buy into it - especially administrators!


ive been to quite a few seminars back in the day that featured CDT type training!

LOL at myself now!

LOL @ Fernando!

now & forever!

sorry bro, couldnt help it.