Kool Aid and Nikes

I've had it with fuckwads like this. He gets big buck contracts and sheep lined up to give him money and I can't find three students to take my class!!!!! God-forbid if a person becomes aggressive defending themselves. "We don't punch, and we don't kick; we squeeze and grab." What a crock of shit! I also grab and squeeze....armloks, necklocks, etc. K'kin putz.

those wrist locks and such do work but like the video shows only on oponents that are co-operative. a nice wrist lock has helped me get an armbar on once or twice cause the quick pain got them to loosen up.

the thing that really pisses me off is in the cdt video it shows a girl disarming a guy carjacking with her and same goes for the convience store robbers.

now any person with half a brain will tell you if a person is pointing a gun at your head, you do what they tell you to do. you DON'T try and be a hero, you DON'T try and grab their gun, you DON'T get mouthy with them.

if you don't really believe me, go ask a cop what you should do.

there are defenses against a gun however i would not suggest trying them or even recommend trying it.

however after watching all those videos i'm glad i've kept my tinfoil hat on and on it will stay.