koppo stick

where can i get a non-titaniam metal koppo stick?


The mini-mag light is 11/16" X 5 3/4" which is pretty
close to the 1/2" X 6" of the Koppo Stick. It is also
perfectly legal and not a weapon. There are plenty
of ways to duplicate the cord. Here are some of the
ways I have used: (1) Just loop a rubber band
around the middle of the light and you have a
holding cord. (2) If it has a pocket clip use that to
hold a cord or rubber band in place. (3) The one I
mostly use is several small split rings attached to
the butt of the light and one larger one that fits my
little finger. If you don't want to use a mag light go
to your auto parts store or hardware store and buy
a bolt or stud that is the size you prefer.


Try shorinki@aol.com. People say he's good. Ask to see online pics of his work.

hmmm....Maybe ill just get an aluminum bolt, cut the end off of it, file down the edge a bit, drill a couple holes and loop a section of shoelace through it.


MarcScott had one that I saw when he was training at Mikes in Cali. It was detector proof and was made out of some strong ass polycarbonate type plastic and parachute cord.

If interested I can hook people up with the model I use.

It is a 6" L 3/4 " W Lexan rod, I use paracord as the handle. Definately a fun little tool.

It wouldn't cost much, just let me know and I will figure out a price, obviously it'll cost more to make one, but realistically the stick will not cost more than $10.


one consideration - i was picking the brain of a friend who's pretty experienced. his first thought when he saw my koppo stick was that fingers can get broken.