Koral Gi

I'll be in Anaheim (disney area)on vacation next month. I'm not familiar with the area so I used google maps and it was estimated approximately 1 hr drive to JJProgear. I was hoping to avoid the commute.

I was wondering if there are other stores that carry Koral around Anaheim. Or do I need to make a trip to JJProgear?

Thanks guys.

Only one I know of in the area. I just bought mine there. Nothin' beats being able to go in and try on a gi before buying. I love the gi by the way.

I drive from Corona (East of Anaheim) to Carson (few miles east of JJProgear) everyday for work. Carve out some time and go. Just make sure you are there and back between 10am and 12:30pm. Traffic is as good as it is going to get between those hours.