Koral Gi's???

I'm wanting to buy a Koral gi, but on the size chart, I fit at the very bottom of an A3 and at the very top of a A2. I know it says it's pre shrunk, but I'm just wondering if they shrink additionally after washing, and how they fit.


I wear Koral almost all the time,,,in my experience they do not shrink...call Gilberto at jiujitsuprogear.com and he'll get you the right size...you can't go wrong with Koral!!!!

I am 5'9 and about 190 pounds and I bought an A3 Koral...after washing it was roughly the same size...the top was too big but the pants fit perfect. I sold it to my friend whose body type matched up well with the A3, and decided to try an A2. In the A2, the pants we're too small and the jacket was almost perfect, but just a bit too small. I sold this also to another friend and concluded that my body-type does not match well with Koral guis...I believe that a size A 2.5 would have been perfectly matched to my body-type but unfortunately they don't make half sizes. Too bad because it was a nice gui otherwise.

My buddy ordered a size to big.Gilberto exchanged it no problem.

We can do mix match sizes on orders over the phone. You can call our Los Angeles store at 310-370-0116 during business hours ( 11am to 7 pm Monday thru Saturday )


Thanks for all the feedback, I'll be making my order this weekend.

Get an A2. I have 2 of them and on the size chart I shouldn't be able to even wear that size

Just placed my order for a new Koral...
also picked up a keko raca gi bag and some t-shirts.

JJProgear is the best!!

i'm 5'8", 195 lbs. pretty broad shouldered & top heavy. the a2 gi fits me fine. the pants are barely the right length and i've got short legs for my height...i'd guess a2 pants would run small for someone my height with an average build. i hang dry just to play safe.

I'm 5'8'', 180 lbs.

The A2 pants are just a little too small (funny since i have chicken legs)...the A2 jacket is perfect shoulder-wise but the sleeves are too big.

The A1 jacket sleeves fit great around my arms but are too short for me to wear in a competition.

I guess an A1.5 jacket and A2.5 pants would have fit me perfectly :)

GREAT construction on the gi, but i guess my body just doesn't match well with their cut. My gi's didn't shrink at all BTW and i dried them in the dryer...

Mine didn't shrink at all. I'm 6-4 and 220 lb. and wear an a-3.

Koral gi's are awesome, I have two and they're so comfortable, you can't go wrong with them. Good luck.