koral shorts...

ok so i bought the black koral shorts, like the ones shogun wears, in a size 38, except theyre a lil tight...ok alot tight...im 6'3 220 n the sprawls in size 38 fit perfectly...i was wonderin what size to get in these to get the same fit...any help?

I havent tried the koral but using sprawl shorts as a measurment is a bad idea.I have had 7 pr and really love the shorts but right now i wear a 36 in most clothes.The originals sprawl in 38 are skin tight.The second generation(when they first had the elastic waste) fit comfortably in 36.The new flex xt shorts though in 36 actually come down during training even w/ the draw string.I personally feel the new shorts are extremly big for the size and would actully reccomend going down a size.

Most others shorts i have have been pretty close to size or least thee ones that have # sizes.(tapout,inspirit,fcf).

yea i forgot to mention i have the newer sprawl shorts that are nice n loose...basically im fat and wonderin if a 40 would do the job with the korals or if i should get a 42...im also hopin for a lil more length cuz the 38's are a lil short for a 6'3 guy

ok since it appears the koral shorts dont get big enough for my fatass, i have the same question about the shorts from clinchgear...how do they fit in relation to the newer sprawl shorts that are nice n loose?

ttt this shit i gotta go give a lesson...

damn wheres kying hes got all the team quest info haha

If you can wait a week 62gear.com is coming out with pretty sick looking shorts

so do you send those shorts back? I was going to buy some but I am worried about the fit, i am picky with my shorts.

i thought quik said it would be like a month til theyre actually up for sale on the site...yea i gotta send em back, theyre really tight all the way around not just the waist but like hips n shit, and theyre too short...i just need a comparison of how other shorts fit compared to the new sprawls size 38 haha

ttt to help out a fellow fatass...

someone pop ur fuckin head in here n tell me what i wanna know before shit starts hittin the fan...


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for the record i love the 6-deuce shorts, i just remember Quik sayin itll be awhile yet...ill definately be gettin on those too tho


TTT for six deuce shorts

My whole gym will buy em if they have cool sambo logos

ttt just because

best shorts ive ever had were from on the mat

What was good about them?

Try the Nogi shorts I like them better then the Sprawls.

But SixDeuce wise, I have a T Shirt for when I'm driving my 62 Chevy and its great & looks great. Let us know when your geting some new stuff.