Korean Fried Chicken


i just discovered the wonder that is a korean "hof"... basically these are popular beer halls that serve fried chicken.

extremely basic and unbelievably good.

you get a big pitcher of beer, and a plate of rotisserie chicken that's been FRIED. the twice-cooked chicken ensures that it's both juicy and crispy.

usually comes with a plate of fries, whole cloves of fried garlic, and a hot vinegary sauce.

check it out if you like fried chicken!


ttt where can you find these ?

Damn, that sounds good. Probably can't get it around here though.

Cant find any here =[

It's so easy to find. Any place that says HOF on the sign, usually a big picture of of a pitcher too.

Do you know of any in LA or Orange County, Denis? I googled with no luck, but maybe the Hof movement isn't exactly electronic yet :P

Probably hard to find in the US.

just saw this article on NY Times