Korean MMA

Ultimate FC is a new promotion in Korea that is supposed to be their version of Pride. Any info? Will it use a cage? Are there weight divisions? Headbutts/Soccor Kicks/Spikes/Knees-Elbows on ground? I heard that the other promotion "Spirit Fighting" was a return to the old school NHB rules(similar to the old UFC's only with gloves). I for one like it this way (although I do want to see weight divisions esp. lighterweights). Comments? I can't wait to see the Korean/Japan arms race that comes about from their natural rivalry.

If you want the Japanese/Korean rivalry, watch one of the soccer games between them. Japan and Korea are also the top 2 judo nations so, you'll see some good showdowns in that too.

Considering the fact that Korea does well in judo, boxing, wrestling, tkd and have the infamous kim-chi temper, its a wonder why mma hasnt picked up yet there.

Ultimate FC,

This rings a bell.



go to www.ultrafc.net for more info:
you may need to know Korean because the
english version isnt out out.
Great pictures of the fighters :-)

Shannon "The Cannon"

we need an Asia forum

zip zin -- don't piss them off. it's not pretty.

honestly, i've never met one of these supposedly raging-mad koreans. They've always been among the nicest people i've known

"are koreans known for having bad tempers? "

- well the kim-chi temper is just how i bug my korean buddies when they spaz but let's just say that Koreans in general are a more spirited/passionate/fiesty bunch than the japanese.

Just look at japan and korea in the last world cup...

And that doesnt mean they cant be "among the nicest people..." by the way, lol.

Having survived half a century of rape, war, violence, broken families, being used as political pawns, cultural brainwashing and virtual historical and cultural genocide would probably make you tempermental too.

they're like the italians/irish of asia