Korean MMA??



The Hanja (Korean for Kanji) reads (In Korean):

'KARA' 'KWON' 'YU' (Sounds like: 'YOO') 'SUL' (Sounds like: 'SOOL')

aka- in ENGLISH:


(Koreans use the original Asian characters aka: Chinese Characters, which are called: 'Hanzi' in Chinese, 'Kanji' in Japanese and 'Hanja' in Korean...AND THEY (Koreans) ALSO USE THEIR OWN ALPHABET, CALLED: HANGUL created by the GREAT KING SE JONG!)


This is a hodgepodge of hapkido, (bad) bjj, and (bad) wrestling. The guy has never learned bjj formally (tapes), nor has he or any of his students ever competed in any grappling tournament here (gi or no gi). He, like many here, is an unprincipled, unskilled businessman trying to cash in on jj/grappling.

As for MMA here, Korean Top Team and Team Tackle, both founded by former national team wrestlers who cross train in BJJ and boxing/Muay Thai, have very good programs.

John Frankl
Seoul, Korea


Do you know of any schools in Busan? Thanks.

Their ground work seems pretty standard jiujitsu, but it is hard to tell how sophisticated they are by a strict submission demonstration (I find the real art of BJJ to be in transitions and control).

Their stand up seemed pretty laughable -especially the hapkido wristlock takedowns.

If you are interested in MMA in Corea, I would suggest you check out this site:


Yeah, the English is botched up, but folks there know their MMA. Other good places to go in Seoul are Jin Mu Kwan, and Korean Top Team. If you are in Daegu, the Daegu MMA Academy really kicks ass.


Sambo is in there too!

(And I lived in and trained at the DYA in South Korea)!