Korean tourney info?

Does anybody have any info on who is fighting I heard that Don Frye is fighting but I am curious if anybody knows? thanks



help me

I think your talking about the pride promotion over here. I forgot the website sorry.

Dennis Kang is fighting here soon in Spirit MC.


thanks anybody else?

can someone provide a contact email, website, or address for a bjj group in Korea?

Warren Wang
Taiwan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy


Anderson Silva x Jeremy Horn.

Rogerio Nogueira x Alistair Overeem...some other stuff that I don't know yet.

Thank you Fruhzs if you here anything else please let me know

Don Frye was supposed to fight for "Ultra FC" in late March. The promotion went belly-up about two weeks out from the fight.

It really sucked because one of our guys was training hard for the event. He trained for months only to have his match cancelled at the last minute. It was an incredible waste of effort, time, and energy.

Luckily Spirit MC picked him up and he'll be fighting today.

IMO, Spirit MC is the most dependable and well-organized fight organization.



Denis Kand won his fight in around a minute or so by ground and pound from the mount and then a rear naked choke.

THis info is from his manager who posted on the Canadian forum.

I believe Shaun Thingvold and Giovanni Clark are competing in the next one.

Five o'clock shadow do you train in Korea?
If so where i am interested in joining.