Korean Zombie vs. Aldo

KZ's chances lies in his underrated clinch takedowns and ground game (top).
That being said, I would have him work with:

1. Mark Bocek at Tristar. Tri star has great featherweight strikers for sparring and both Bocek and KZ have similar flaws in their own respective stand up games. Could help each other out in a complementing way. Having GSP around for takedown pointers ain't bad either.

2. Cerrone at Jackson's. Sparring against a high level and rangy kicker is a no brainier.

3. Frankie Edgar. Edgar showed excellent kick catching and has the best counter takedowns off of leg kicks in the game. Fast, versatile, unpredictable with great head and foot movement. KZ could learn a thing or two.

4. Pettis at Roufus'. Great sparring.

5. Ben Henderson. Best clinch take downs at 155 (along with Bocek). Super athletic. Great publicity in Korea to boot!

He has a lot of time to improve and train for this fight. I'll be rooting hard for TKZ as usual. It's going to be weird not supporting Aldo. Also he already trained with Ben Henderson back in November.

First time I have to root against KZ in this one if this fight will happen.

Aldo will kick him harder and faster than George Roop. Aldo by tko rd2. Phone Post