Kos outwrassled by karate guy!


I wouldn't Lol about it since gsp has been wrestling with world class
wrestlers for some time now!

Want to head something rertarded? Leif said he thinks diego would kill
gsp, now that you can LOL!!!

actually freddy, I thought it was an awesome fight. Kos was ready to bang and planted his feet, his only mistake. He looked good out there though. GSP was better though.

Diego sucks. He better do more than meditate in the rain to get ready for GSP.

Karo got robbed. Last 30 seconds of the last round, after getting dumped on his head several times.

I didn't think it was a war. It was a display of skill, strategy and athleticism! It had me guessing because at any moment, you knew the other was in danger. I don't get that feeling by watching two unskilled individuals brawl it out in some bar.

Best in the world fighters vs Bar Brawlers, hey some people would rather watch the latter, or some want to watch people skate in a circle, whatever their thing is, you know.

btw, this thread title is completely retarded, unless you actually practice the keeyah double legs in karate!

Quit crying!! You know he struck the crane pose and the immobilizing stare before he willed Kos off his feet.

It was so fast, you didn't even see it.

I'm going to enter a Karate tournament and shoot in for a double leg!!!!

BTW, in the main event with Randy and GG, Wrestling beats Jiu Jitsu

I bought a new troll lure this weekend; I caught a LEGEND with it. BOOYAHH!!

just because I LOVE the title (it's true..)