Koscheck above Penn?

It appears they've ranked Josh Koscheck above BJ Penn in the WW division. Agree or disagree?

Well, beings BJ hasn't beaten anyone at WW since beating Hughes, what was it, 3 years ago, I have to agree.

BJ has all the talent in the world. But when you make a habbit of coming in out of shape and lose twice in a row, then you are going to get people who actually try ranked ahead of you.

I agree. BJ has the most talent, but his cardio is lacking. You'd think he'd figured that out by now and come in better shape.

Koscheck has not beaten anyone. He bored us to tears against Deigo and that's his biggest claim to fame. BJ might have lost his last two fights, but they were against the #1 and #2 guys in the division and he gave them both a run for their money.

Any way you slice it, Koscheck should not be ahead of BJ. He's done nothing to warrant it.

koscheck hasn't fought anyone yet. BJ has fought all kinds of high leel competition in various weight classes. i'm amazed that he hasn't gotten more acclaim for this. i mean shit, who moves in and out of weight classes just to fight the best people? NO ONE BUT BJ.

Granpa, Kos obviously works his ass off in the gym. The guy has amazing cardio, no fat on him what so ever, and is a great wrestler. He is improving by leaps and bounds. BJ's ONLY win in the UFC was against Matt Hughes (who took him lightly) and that was 3 years ago. Kos has done so much more and obviously works so much harder then BJ in the WW division. BJ needs to drop his ego and quit thinking he can just beat guys with his natural talent, and start working out.

why the fack does anyone care if BJ is even ranked in a division he does not fight in anymore?

newsflash!!!! rankings on sherdog or adcc or any other site do not matter, they do not mean anything!!!!!

another newsflash...bj penn is fighting in the lightweight class...either that or pulver is getting fat!

fricken newbs!

lol @ Penn being anywhere on the 170 list. 0-2 in the division in the last two years, 2-2 in his career, and now he's at 155, so what conceivable rationale is there to have him in the top 10 at all, much less over Koscheck?

BJ would crush Kos. Standing BJ would dominate Kos standig and once Kos went to take it down BJ would submit him on the ground.

BJ doesnt have a string of wins but he has had excellent performances against great competition. BJ should be rated over Kos.

"BJ would crush Kos"

"BJ should be rated over Kos"

end of thread

If BJ can cut to 155 he should be a force. He could probably even take out Sherk if his cardio is there.

"koscheck hasn't fought anyone yet"

Hmmm... I could have sworn beating a 19-0 Diego Sanchez was something...


"BJ would crush Kos"

Agreed.  I'd much rather see him stay at 170 and train hard.

As it is though, he should have to fight at WW w/in a certain timeframe in order to still be ranked as one.

All this means nothing....

^^ because we're all going to die soon?  =)

Penn can beat anyone at 170 on a given day. He was hurt on his second Hughes fight, otherwise he would have crushed Hughes. He only just lost to GSP.

Penn rules.