Koscheck needs to fire ALL of his corner men

They had absolutely nothing for him.

"Let it go Josh"
"This is it Josh, time to step it up"
"Time to put it together Josh"...etc.

Seriously? That's the advice you're giving your fighter when he's getting completely owned on his feet?

How about trying to change strategies? Go for a takedown, leg kicks, anything. But to implement the same game plan from start to finish when it didnt work from the beginning is horrible cornering.

They should team up with Diego's corner from the BJ fight.

Forget that. Kos needs to train at Jacksons camp.

He trains with an awesome team. He really sucks at adapting in the fight though. In both fights it seems like he thought he'd be better standing, and when he wasn't, he had no idea what to do.

 he totally ignored everything they said

 Josh's corner men trained at the BJ Penn school for 'yes men'.

Telfo -  he totally ignored everything they said

I must've missed it because all I heard were several variations of "Let your hands go".

There is nothing they could have said.

But "let your hands go" was the simple, best advice imo. He wasnt gonna out general or technique GSP, he should have just swung and hoped for the best.