Koscheck Unleashed 6/28 ??

Heard that he was fighting on 6/28, anyone else hear anything?

not really......

Great. Now maybe I can get some sleep.

TTT for Josh "Sominex" Koshchek


I would like to see him and Luke Cuommo have a rematch....

Don't forget to tune in the week after for Kostakio Unleashed.

hes a natural

Why do people hate on him? His fights haven't been THAT bad.

he has tonnes of potential but i really don't want to see any more of his fights for at least a year or two

Are you kidding, I love to watch Koscheck, it is cool to see him get better and better each time... he is a force

I also heard he's fighting in the next UFN, but he doesn't have an opponent yet.

Koscheck is going to be a top fighter for a long time, IMO. And except for the Leben fight on TUF, I haven't found any of his other fights boring.

except Kos hes beaten goood guys early in his career ...

Koscheck has more potential in his left foot than about 90% of the ww in the UFC right now. If he gets halfway there he will be a serious contender.

If you think he's a dick, thats fine. If you think he's not good, you're an idiot. The guy has only had about 7 fights.

Koscheck "Unleashed"...


Kos definately has the ability to put people in bad positions he just needs to learn how to inflict damage and/or submit them afterwards.

I heard a while back that BJ Penn was going to be fighting Koscheck at UFC 61. Not sure if it's true or not.

"I heard a while back that BJ Penn was going to be fighting Koscheck at UFC 61. Not sure if it's true or not.

I heard from a decent source that Penn was offered Diego and turned it down .. not out of fear, but he says he's only interested in fighting the very top guys in each division.

I think they might have also offered him Kos at some point, but I never heard how that one was shot down..lol

Believe it or not, Kos is a very good fighter .. at some point he could definately turn into the next Matt Hughes .. so don't keep shitting on this guy just because Leben nicknamed him the blanket at a time where he had very limited MMA training going for him.

I can't stand Koscheck, he is a total prick. He layed on Leben and rode out a decision because he was scared of Leben. I not gonna act like Koscheck doesn't have skill he totally does, he's a superior wrestler and will be pretty good someday. The fact is I started disliking him when he talked all that shit about Leben and then just rode out a decision because he was scared Leben would knock him out.