Kosen Judo Newaza Site

found this cool site about the school and Sensei who shot this Kosen instructional i have.http://www.gws.ne.jp/home/demo2/indexe.htmlthey have some technique demos to and i do believe that this is a omoplata.also apparently Yuki Nakai is a member of this club although he seems to be wearing a BJJ Gi. i dont recall seeing him in the video, however theres a 2nd video that i havent been able to get. anyone know more about sensei Kanae Hirata?

Allcloser, how seriously does that club shown train? Would it be ok if a visitor went there to train for a couple weeks, or do they only like very serious competitors to come work out with them? I'm thinking of going to Japan maybe next summer and I'd be very very happy to train with some kosen folks.

Thanks a LOT allcloser!

I have a friend who did actually visit the Newaza Kenkyu Kai last summer. I'll see if I can get him to post what he knows.


Mik, whats your experience level in judo or bjj?

At the end of summer I'll have done judo for almost a year. However, for the last 6 months or so I've done minimal tachiwaza because of a dislocated shoulder (I'm finally starting to get back into tachiwaza). I'm starting BJJ when I move to santa cruz this september (university club so it should be real cheap, taught by a blackbelt), and I may continue doing judo if I have enough money. I plan on going to Japan maybe next summer.

you can always come to San Jose once or twice a week to train with our team here. we are not very far from santa cruz at all.

you are still pretty much a novice, but if you dont mind throwing yourself to the lions, so to speak, we have an open-door policy. might want to come and watch first though.. there are also judo clubs in san jose that are not as 'hardcore' as we are-- like san jose buddhist.

Awesome, thanks a lot. I've really gotta let my shoulder heal completely and bulk it up before I get into heavy tachiwaza, but maybe next winter sometime I'll take you up on that offer.