KosenJudo, Montreal, Video:Joichi Hirao @ Shidokan

Garmamie visits Joichi Hirao at Shidokan Dojo in Montreal, Quebec. Joichi talks #Judo, Kosen Judo living in #Canada, his favorite Canadian #meal and his hopes to #promote the sport of Kosen Judo to all #grappling/combat sports #fans and practitioners, in Montreal and across Canada. 
Conversations with Garmamie Episode #48 




Kosen Judo 
Mitsuyo Maeda, Carlos Gracie's original sensei, was a Kodokan Judo instructor who's specialty was ground fighting (newaza). This type of ground-only fighting is often referred to as Kosen Judo. While BJJ did not directly come from Kosen Judo, it is important to understand that Judo has always included all of the ground fighting techniques that are popular today in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Kosen Judo (????) refers to a set of competition rules of Kodokan judo with particular emphasis on ground grappling techniques such as pinning holds (osaekomi-waza), joint locks (kansetsu-waza) and chokeholds (shime-waza), referred to as newaza in Japanese martial arts. 

For more on Kosen Judo visit: www.kosenjudo.ca


Japan turns out so many excellent judokas below Olympic level. Watch the straight arm lock he does at 5:17 mark.  The student has his back and feels in control and then ouch.