Kosh vs. GSP

I'm really torn on who to pick in this one. What do you think will be the deciding factor?

GSP's need to vindicate himself is the deciding factor. Plus he can't possibly "like" Kos, so he should have his head right for this fight.

GSP by TKO/SUB or Ref Stoppage within 2.

GSP will win I think.

GSP does not do well against those he likes..but once ya pit him against those hes not really fond of he gets himself mentally ready...

Im going to go with vicious kick to the dome and then GnP to finish the job....GSP in the 2nd

Koscheck will takedown and blanket(bore) for the win and then jump up and down like he won the lottery

If Koschek can take GSP down AND keep him down throughout the three rounds, I think he'll win the fight. If he can't do both, GSP will wear him down and finish him.

GSP just too dynamic as Randy says and will come out to show the Serra fight was a fluke.

"Will he finish GSP, probably not, but he definitely wins a unanimous decision."

Definitely is a strong choice of word, and I couldn't disagree more. We'll see though...GSP round 1 by GSP v Trigg ownage.

GSP's overall MMA game encompasses great striking, wrestling, and submissions.

KOS has nothing for him in 2 of the 3 areas, and GSP has proven to be a very good wrestler himself.

GSP takes this fight.