Kosheck by sub!!!

you heard it here first folks.

Leben by KO or decision.

I'm a broke college student, I don't have any money.

my guess is the superior grappler wins- koschek

Chris has more experience against much better fighters. He KOed UFC vet Benji Radach. Otto Olsen is every bit as good a grappler as Koscheck and Leben KOed him too.

"Isn't Kosheck basically a top wrestler with a few mma fights?"


ok...so what do we do, put the name up for change for a month?

Kosheck's hand will be raised at the end of the fight.

Kosheck has near zero MMA experience. Leben will pummel him.

I have a bad feeling about Leben fighting with too much anger, he may
get caught.


"I have a bad feeling about Leben fighting with too much anger, he may
get caught"


lol caught by what? The guy has a granite chin.

what about that gash on his hand? Wouldn't it bother you to throw a punch with your hand like that?

Kosheck better lay and pray if he has any hope IMHO

Koscheck COULD win, but I don't think he can finish off Chris, whereas I could very easily see Chris KO Josh or submit him.

you can't tell who won the fight by a 5 second clip.

if that was the case, you could show randleman dropping fedor on his head, but ten seconds later the fight was over and fedor won.

same thing with CroCop/Nog. so, quit guessing and just wait.

Good God I hope Chris wins. A little crazy glue and that knuckle will be just fine.

I just watched that fight with Doerkson(sp?) and Josh will not submit him.

I think Leben by KO.

There is a shot in the intro that shows a ring card girl with a "Round 2" card. Bobby is visible in the background, so it's not his fight with Lodune, and Diego's fight didn't make it to the second round. One of the guys in next week's fight is also visible in the background, so if you really want to spoil next week's fight (like I unfortunately have for myself), get your freeze-frame on.