Koshek fight was stopped way too early

He gets knocked down, sits up and waves that he is fine. Referre stops the fight. WTF?

 He couldve taken 2-3 more punches. I dont think he would've minded and it wouldve made the win more legit.

Ultimate Knockdown Championship IMO.

He was out. Good stoppage.

Fans of his are just pissed cos he lost to a fighter he beats 9 times out of 10.

He'll be back - he just got caught.

seeing it the first time, I thought it was early, but seeing the close ups, which is what the ref is seeing, I thought it was a good stoppage... dude was OUT...

Good stoppage, I suppose, just the ref was late in stopping the fight and Kos had recovered, which made everyone think it was a bad stoppage because of this. Kos was clearly out for a split second and recovered quickly. The fight could have went on, but it was also a ref I've never seen before.

If this was big nog fighting, this was in pride/dream and the ref was Shimada, I don't think this would have happened.

 I think it was a pretty good stoppage.  If you look at the replay you can see in Koscheck's eyes that he is still on queer street big time when the ref jumps in.  He did recover quick after that but I don't think it would have changed anything had the fight gone another 3 or 4 seconds.

It was a good stoppage! he was done! the way he went out on his feet and basically hit the floor like a sack of shit.... Flat out!... he did not bring his knees up to defend... because he was unable to defend himself inteligently.... he looked like he recovered quick but if it was let go those 2-3 seconds that Thiago had he would have finished the job, whats the point of him getting pounded.
The Ref spotted it and called the fight. Again the ref is instructed to call the fight if the fighter can not defend himself inteligently.

sureshock - Ultimate Knockdown Championship IMO.

all night long....no doubt some guys are hurt, but they jump in like their knocked out cold. Some of these guys can recover quick.

refs job is to protect the fighter, and there was no point in letting kos take 4-5 undefended punches to the dome.

Kos sat up and was in lala land, if Thiago wanted he could have decapitated him.

Yeah, if Tiago had gone for the kill after the knockdown he could've landed several undefended blows on the ground and the referee would still be stopping the fight. It was a conclusive enough finish I think, BUT this is just a reminder for all those who whinge about late stoppages.

Seems refs have this in the back of their minds now that they're going to get blasted for leaving no doubt in a fight and so they step in as soon as they can.

This is what happens when people can't just let things be.

 I will say that Thiago should have been on him like a fly on shit after the knockdown though and taken away a little of the controversy.  It's cool to stand all nonchalantly over a ko'd opponent but only if the guy is 100% out cold.

I would've liked to seen him take a few more hard shots to the face

Kos was done, his eyes were rolling around like they were marbles even after the ref stepped in and he was sitting up. I agree that it could have been let go a little longer to make the stoppage appear more legit to the majority. After the way Dana ripped into Mazzagatti for letting fights go on too long I think the refs are now gonna be stopping them a little sooner rather than a little later.

Monsters Ball - Koschek sat up and was tracking his opponent and responding to his movement. I think the ref stopped it too quickly. He should have let Kos try to defend himself. Bad stoppage IMO.

add to that that his opponent was standing there styling, giving Kos a further chance to recover. Should have been allowed to be finished

Kos ain't even smart enough to realize that he got his

ass SAVED....Alot like BJM SAVED Matt Hughes from Pele.

Nuff said.

IMO, if a guy hits the floor and has the presence of mind of get into the guard position, then the ref should let it continue.

If Thiago can pass his guard and/or land one clean shot to his face before Josh reacts, then by all means stop the fight, but at least give Koscheck a chance to tie him up in the guard.

Koschek was finished - his eyes were rolling around and he looked even goofier than usual

lol at him not being out cold. It doesnt matter, nor is that the point of the stoppage. He was definately shaken badly and was about to let a high level BJJ guy get on top of him. He woulda gotten pounded and the ref identified it. Stoppages are exactly supposed to work like this - to prevent significant injury.

DMC said it right at the top of this thread.