kotc australia.

king of the cage australia's first promotion is on the 4th of feb, 2005. at the southport rsl. main event is luke picklum vs james fanshier (usa)for the world 77kg kotc title. tony bonello is fighting seth petruzelli (usa) for the lightheavyweight world title. the former champion jeremy horn, has gone down to the 85kg middleweight division, as he feels he will be more dangerous at that weight. and, has vacated the belt. brad morris is fighting scott smith (usa). who is 10-1 in mma. tama tehuna vs mal foki. kym robinson vs andrew gorton. 6 other matches are still to be announced shortly.
kotc usa owners, terry trebilcock and tedd williams and i have a very clear contract. and, understanding in regards to the world wide future of kotc. for all fighters within the oceania region, there is only 1 way to get to fight on the kotc shows in the usa. and, that is through an official kotc show that i promote. no other promotion within the oceania region can get any fighter on a kotc show in the usa. trebilcock wanted me to explain to all fighters that have interest in fighting in any kotc event, in the future. they must win on my aussie kotc shows first, then they will get invited to the usa. if trebilcock thinks they have potential. both trebilcock and williams will be here in oz for my feb 4th show, looking for new talent. only two australian fighters have fought on a usa kotc show. tony bonello and danny higgins. tony was scouted by kotc and offered a 5 fight contract. danny higgins was not scouted by kotc. he rang kotc and told them he will pay for his own ticket to the usa. and, was willing to fight on the show. he got a couple of fights under the deal that he pays for his own expenses. higgins nor his usa mma coach greg jackson, have any type of inroads to kotc usa for any oceania fighters. as of this time, higgins will no longer be fighting on any kotc usa shows in the future, until he qualifies through the oceania kotc elimination proccess. this is a point trebilcock wants me to stress to all fighters. contrary to any rumours, no one goes to terry's kotc usa shows with out fighting in my show first. also, i am the matchmaker for kotc australia. no one else. several different promoters and trainers have contacted me offering matches. which is great. as i have stated before, kotc is a totally politically free organisation. xfc, john donahue, elvis sinosic ect. have all been helpful in trying to get matches for the show. anyone with any questions please email me at johnpedro357@hotmail.com

Doesn't it become political if a fighter who has fought twice on KOTC (for whatever reasons) in the US and won twice now has to come back to Australia and qualify???

Isn't that like say to Mundine and Green there are new qualifications to becoming a world champ in the US so you have to go back and start again and requalify???

And how would one get a start on KOTC Australia??? Maybe go through XFC???

opens umbrella and gets ready for the shit storm. ;P

Wow Tony Bonello is a lucky guy, When he fought for the middleweight title Dean Lister vacated it so Tony fought a non Top 10 fighter and now that he is fighting for the light heavyweight title the champ has decided to vacate it as well.

Could Tony become the first person to win 10 world titles?

I have heard great things about Luke Piklum , does any know anything about his opponent James Fanshier?

It also seems strange that Luke picklum is the main event when Tony bonello is a curretn KOTC title holder ...shouldn't he be the main event?

Chris Joey's title is at 185lb/84kg, I believe Diego SANCHEZ was the 170lb champion, however, I believe his signing to UFC'S reality show excluding his participation within other organisations.

On a personal level I am devestated that Danny is not competing in this show. When I was approached by KOTC regarding matches etc.. I suggested that an official KOTC Oceanic/Australian title be made and that the most desirable match would be featuring Luke PEZZUTTI v Danny HIGGINS. KOTC agreed that the match would set an excellent precendent and standing in the Aussie MMA community.

In late November I contacted both Danny and Luke who agreed in principle to the fight. Being that Danny was off to the US to fight I stated that we would chat upon his return and finalise the matter.

My relationship with Danny pre the US trip had always been nothing but excellent. I saw Danny as probably the most briliant prospect in Australia (with ian SCHAFFA) and always did absoloutely all I could to help him. Danny was always 100% appreciative and respectful of the help I had given and the door that was opened through his match with Joey on XFC4.

My attempts to contact Danny effective late december to present have been fruitless. The first challenges we knew of Danny's not fighting luke were when Shane BALMER (Warriors Realm) contacted Luke and stated that danny would not fight on KOTC Australia.

Being that my relationship with Danny was so good I failed to believe that such was true as he had stated he would fight Luke on the event. To date I have had no liaison with Danny whatsoever and the only time I have heard his voice was when I called him from a masked number and he hung up when I stated who I was.

Professionally such actions would not be tolerated by any respected promoter within fighting, however, due to my previous close relationship I am still at a loss as to what has went wrong. On a personal level I really like Danny as person despite his actions which those close to me show he never considerred our relationship to be friendship.

I still have an open line of communication and believe that with proper communication this can be put behind us. I wish Danny the very best for his future.



And here I was thinking this thread was going to be about the upcoming KOTC card and ticket sales etc.

Silly me.

John, you have more unconfirmed fights then you do actual fights for this show, which is what people seem to be asking about, not Tony Bonello's contract or KOTC's apparent screwing of a local favourite, and all around good guy. Interesting priorities.

Maybe we need to have this forum renamed the Australasian Days of Our Lives Forum ?

Like sands through the promoters hourglass...


I thought in a previous post that the KOTC heavyweight world champ was also fighting on this card?

Agree with Arron though, you have a triple world champ fighting for a new title and he is not even the main event?

Anyway good luck to Higgins and I hope WR or another show in the US can take him to the top.

Hey Tank the last XFC offical that spoke about KOTC got sacked...keep going and you might be taking your time keeping duties elsewhere ;)

Keats, that's OK, my ADD is making it hard for me to...

Sorry, what were we talking about ?


plus, the Enter key is located on the right-hand side of the keyboard, normally just above the shift key.

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has xfc just admitted to stalking danny higgins?


"From what I've heard, neither Danny or Luke were contacted about fighting on KOTC."

Such is absoulutely false, as per above Danny is a mystery, however, I am confident that someone here can confirm that Luke has been training for this fight for some time.


What a joke...

Justin are you starting to wonder why all the good you have done for the sport and all the good you have done for the fighters (well so you keep having to tell us) and all these fighters either hate you, wont fight on anything your involved with or won't answer your calls...and your not even a cop anymore. Makes you wonder,hey!

Whats your agenda with me??

You seem to have this belief that fighters fight for me for peanuts??

Kyle NOKE'S earnings within XFC nearly doubled every time he enterred the ring as did the expenses on the other end.

I am fully privvy to the earnings of some of the best boxers and kick boxers in Australia and I will say it again MMA fighters are being spoilt rotten at the momment and add to that it's a fighters market.

Consideration to a fighter does not limit to cash alone. I have also found that athletes that are foremost motivated by cash will always be drawn to cash and are not good for the progression of the promotion.

As a promoter I am not motivated by immediate return, I have invested $$ in things like Grappling magazine, SHAMROCK, ralph magazine etc.. these things all cost money. money that i could have easily shared with the fighters seeing us both get better immediate paydays, HOWEVER, I choose to look towards the future and the growth of the XFc and the athletes.

Kyle NOKE was taken from being an unknown to a star within the 77kg division nationally. Our matching was a key factor in his status growth and also the growth of his ability. Likewise Danny was given the international catapult through the XFC v KOTC concept - these wisely spent $$$ do pay off.

Danny and Kyle, saddly, have moved on. people perhpas should pay attention to the growth in career of Ben MALLIA, Denis ROBERTS & George SOTIROPOULOS. I wish Danny and Kyle well in their future and I believe that there will be a day when you see them fight for me again.


Don't really have a beef with you Justin but you have alot to say normally (which is fine) but why don't you now come on and either explain why Higgins should have to come back to Oz to fight a guy who hasn't won a MMA fight in over 2 years yet you were very vocal about why Bonello shouldn't fight a guy like Trihey!!!

Keats, you must be confusing the 2 lukes. KOTC wanted to have Danny fight Luke PEZZUTTI who has never lost a fight.

The fact is that KOTC have utilised Danny in USA matches and cut him a break. he now refuses to fight on the KOTC Australia show. He is acting against the wishes of KOTC so why should anyone be suprised if they no longer wish to utilise him.


Was his last MMA fight on the 30/8/2003?

Sorry a guy who hasn't had a fight in
MMA for a year and a half.

I can understand where your coming from about why Bonello shouldn't fight Trihey (though I don't agree) so working on your logic why should Higgins fight Pezutti???

Bottom Line KOTC wanted HIGGINS to contest an Oceanic title on the event they found the best potential opponent in PEZZUTTI. HIGGINS failed to correspond with KOTC regarding the match after his verbal acceptance of such. Why that is the case I have no idea??

As I understand Terry TREBILCOCK is about to make an official release regarding the matter.

Re Tony v Matt - different matter. Should Terry now decide that tony is to fight Matt in Australia I guess that is a matter for Tony and his manager to consider.

listen to any pro fighter like vanderlia "I am a professional fighter I don't choose my fights"

Although Danny isn't contracted to KOTC by opposing their will he is risking future business with them, It's very simple.

Perhpas Dannys management who I know will read this may choose to publically respond to the situation.



So do you think Bonello shouldn't fight Matt but Higgins should fight Luke?

Forget what KOTC are saying i'm asking you. Or is it in your contract that you or any of your officals can't say anything about KOTC at all???

All I will say it is a Shame that someone that claims to have the sport in his best interest uses his influence to try to damage the reputation and International prospects (both in the US and Japan. What a fall out with Justin Lawrence has to do with KOTC and especially Pancrase I will never know)of a Team that truly has done their best to better each other in their chosen sport and in every day life and enjoy the freedom that being a warrior in a modern world is all about.

F the politics and everyone that uses them to try to handicap peoples dreams for their own gain.

Integrated Martial Arts will always stay true to itself. You will see us succeed in Australia and Internationaly.

I wont get into the internet nonsense just a statement to say that while the people that damn us because we have gone on own journey will suffer, everyone will see us gain strength.