KOTC Canada - so you wanna fight!!

In the past weeks I have been collecting quite a data base of fighters wishing to compete at a KOTC Canada event. I would now like to invite any fighter who does not think they our in the KOTC files to submit the following...

Name, weight(fight), height, name of club and instructor, MMA record(pro & Am), any other record(boxing, KB, etc), city, experience(BJJ belt, years in the gym), other martial arts experience, manager name, contact phone and email address.

KOTC is filling spots for September 29th Calgary, October 6th Vernon, November 3rd Prince George and November 26th Edmonton. We also have dates across Canada planned for 2007. Don't delay and get on board with Canadas only Nation wide MMA organization.


fightclubca@shaw.ca OR visit www.kingofthecage.ca

Mark your email 'FIGHTER SUBMISSION'

Thank you.

Bill Mahood

KOTC Canada match maker

...are there going to be midgets I can fight?

Midget by brutal beatdown

dougie u can only fight me

whats wrong with his fight team?


Get Jeff Joslin in there ASAP!!!!!


RKing85, you know I'd take that midget to a decison win...

I suppose I can't say shit. The other day I got my ass handed to me by a non living thing. (biffed er rollerblading and popped a capsule in my elbow)

Aside from kotc canadian champ travis gailbrath and future light weight champ kajan johnson... his epic fight team aint bad either.

We are still looking for an experienced heavyweight for Calgary.

Another guy who posts shit without his name attatched.

he also loves eric apple why not see if his boy toy will fight a legitimate fighter like travis .
the rob is a knob .

does that mean your name is rob candle ???

"you can rename pg fight club to brazilian top team,it doesnt make them a quality fight club."

Yes, that was atop of Bill's list of things to do tomorrow. Rename the PG Fight Club as BTT 2

how could someone be too much of a bitch to say there own name after talking shit about someone?

Rob do you fight?? What are your creds for trashing someone's program??

don't try to argue with idoits. they will just bring you to there level and win by experience.