This has been posted on a few other sites, I just copied and pasted it here!

Firstly the date has now changed from Sunday 3 December to Friday 1 December. Doors will open at 7pm.

The event was to be held outdoors in the Penrith Panthers Football Stadium however due to delays getting approval for things like liquor licenses and other logistics in terms of staging this event outdoors, the promotion has had to be moved to 'The Evan Theatre' which is inside the Panthers complex, the usual site of King Of The Cage shows.

Here are the details of the fight card for the 'Superfight' show, please note these are presently not in any particular order.

Stephynee Bouquet v Angie Parr
(under 60kgs)

Gordon Graf (Samoa) vs Phil Rudkof (Russia)
(under 92kgs)

Brad Morris (NSW) vs Charles Jones (USA)
(over 100kgs)

James Tehuna (NZ) vs Brian Harper (USA)
(under 92kgs)

Bill Kalache (Lebanon) vs Shane Nix (NSW)
(under 80kgs)

Sacha Nachouki (Lebanon) vs Brendon Howell (NSW)
(over 100kgs)

Andrew Taylor (NSW) vs Mick Abela (NSW)
(under 65kgs)

Paulo Guimaraes (Brazil) Troy Coffee (NSW)
(under 85kgs)

Giovanni Reis (Brazil) v Matthew Burcher (NSW)
(under 77kgs)

Luke Davis (NSW) Arnold Graham (QLD)
(under 80kgs)

James Lee (USA) vs Dave Frendin (NSW)
(under 95kgs)

sounds like a good card, any info on Troy Coffee??
BTW one of the Kalache's fighting, thats some serious bussiness rite there.
Stephynee Bouquet v Angie Parr is gonna b a war, i knw Stephynee has being waiting for this chance..

I think Brad has humbly neglected to mention his is a title fight?!?!

Best of luck mate, you deserve a big win.

Also great to see Paulo on the card.


Thanks G

Are they all MMA fights? What are the rules for each match, No. of rounds and times? Is Angie Parr(wife of Wayne Parr) having a MMA fight? Has she fought MMA before?

If so, it should be a good night!!!


All of the fights except the girls are mma fights. 2 X 5 minunte rounds for most of the fighters. I'll be doing 5 X 5 minute rounds.

Thanks for the info., 5x5's sounds like a real marathon, I like it. I think a clear decsion will come out of ths one (no judges decsion) which everybody likes to see. Do they allow elbows and what leg locks are allowed?

I not 100% sure Joe,I normally wait to find out the exact rules at the rules meeting. Because I have trained for fights before sticking to a certain set of rules, and designing a gameplan around them and then found out on fight day that the rules had changed.

Tickets are already on sale?

Also, does anyone know what the prices are?

Brad, this is coming up fast. Let's add the World title to your resume. Best of luck.



I go your mma.tv mail, but because I don't have a blue or green name I can't open it :(

Please email me at ufcfan1@shaw.ca

thank you!