should kotc champs get a shot in the ufc and is kotc the biggest thing next to the multimillion dollar company's ufc,bodog,k1 stc... were do they rank on the indie scene ,

SHW: ERIC PELE (bodog, PRO Elite VET)

HW: Manny Rodriguez

LHW: James Lee (Pride Vet edit)

MW: Billy Ayash


LW: Clay French (Pride vet)

BW: Urijah Faber ( Top Ranked In The World, WEC CHAMP)


no. and no

not much of a discussion now was that why no?

James Lee is not a UFC vet.

i dont think that beating someone with a 1 win 8 loss record to get the mw title should allow you a shot in the ufc. just my opinion though

Urijah Faber is the only one that would be able to hang with any of the top fighters in the UFC....and that is fighting up in weight.

One of the guys on that list won his title aginst a guy that had a 1-8 Pro. Record....not exactly "Championship caliber" ?!? 

It seems that KOTC puts together match-ups for the sake of them making money off the local fighters...not for the betterment of thier orginazation or its champs.

all theiur champs are good fighters...and 2 are great..i watched clay french mac danzig in person..that was a great fight!

Some of those guys, didn't even know they had won the titles. Others, haven't defended in so long you forgot about them.

Faber is too small for 155. He'd still beat most guys but couldn't beat the best.

Ask any of them if they liked KOTC, and they all have bad feelings twards that promotion.

Slam is fighting Mike Pyle on the next Elite XC card I heard.

Faber is definitely the real deal. I have seen Witherspoon fight a few times and he is pretty good.

And my teamate Manny Rodriquez is Definitely a legit fighter and contender. I am sure everyone will be hearing much more about him Real soon.