KOTC downward spiral?

Didn't KOTC used to be a feeder for the UFC? I remember them having events w/alot of talented well known guys. I have noticed more and more lately that there shows are not what they used to be. Anyone else feel the same?

It used to be one of the few shows with a proper production, but now there are several shows that look just as good or better. And I don't think KOTC was ever known for paying too well.

BTW, I haven't fought there, so pay scales will have to come from somewhere else :-)

I can remember back in the pre-Zuffa days when they had supporters on here that claimed KOTC was the best MMA show in north america. Obviously it wasn't true, but at least back then they were in the top five.

"ANYBODY literally can get a fight"

Nothing new about that. Its not exactly very hard to get a boxing license in alot of states, and there is always a boxer who needs a win to pad a record. This is the way combat sports have always been.

The thing with MMA, is I see guys in some of the regional pro shows whose level is a few steps below what it used to be. I think this is simply because there are SO many shows to fight in promoters have to fill cards, so the days of seeing an extreme challenge card with Horn, Militech, Hoffman, and carter all on the same card are gone. Also guys have a much easier in the the UFC as there are damn near 6-7 times the number of shows per year now than what was going on say around '99.

I always thought is more of a feeder org for Pride than the UFC.

Either way, the DVD's are down right unwatchable, unless you just turn the volume off.

The last two years have been terrible . The fights , the promotion , the weather in certain areas , the cards have been terrible and they dont seem to care at all.

Too bad also as I enjoyed Soboba