KOTC: FF 2007 = great event

Just wanted to say what a solid show Pete Rodley and Ken Kupsch put on last night. The atmosphere was great, everything ran smoothly, and the fights were excellent. Lots of competitive matchups, a few surprises and some unbelievable displays of heart. Everybody on the card fought gave it 110% and the crowd really appreciated it. I look forward to the next event and I've got my eye on a few of the future stars that this show produced. Also, congrats to my boy Jean Marc Lalonde who, despite a loss, fought his ass off. Very impressive performance for an 18 year old high school kid.

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Great show, Pete and Ken a great team. Thank You

yeo great show was glad to play a small part in the organizing of it and to help out the day of the event, was an awsome experience

Yup.. awesome show for sure. All the fights were great.. Came to see Jean Marc Lalonde put on a great fight for us and he definitely did not disappoint anybody, fight of the night for me. We brought along a few noobs to mma with our group and they loved the show too. Great crowd and I was surprised how well the beer chicks were getting us our drinks. ..funniest part of the night had to be hearing MACKDADDY FLEXX make fun of Jean Marc for losing his fight in Pizza Pizza after the bar.. lol

Thanks a lot Pete (edit in, Ken) and Terry... btw, couldn't have picked a better bar for an after party.


Great night of fights!
Pete: When is the next time the KOTC is going to come back to the Ottawa/Quebec area?? Hopefully soon.

youll hear soon man

While Terry owns the KOTC global brand it is KEN who is the Canadian KOTC owner. He and I worked very hard to bring you all the best MMA event we could. I do want to thank Terry who was there to help out with a few elements...from talking with him I can certainly tell that we are all on the same page.

The feedback has been tremendous, I have 14 fights on paper, Ken and I are starting already on the next one. He is just as crazy as I am..I LOVE IT LOL


ttt for the next hull show, The fighters were treated great thanks again KOTC:Freedom Fight

hopefully we start seeing events more often... that is definitely a trip I could get used to doing :)

"While Terry owns the KOTC global brand it is KEN who is the Canadian KOTC owner."

I ran a search to find out how to spell his name, but put in the wrong one altogether :)  It's now corrected in the original post. 

Regardless, the event was great and the 18 guys that made the 11 hour round trip with me are all looking forward to the next event.