KOTC fight rumors

Here are some of the unoficial fighters for KOTC in Edmonton April, 16th. Not sure on the match ups yet!

Lance Cartwright

Cris peak

Krzystof sozinski

Paulo Albequeqe( spelling not correct)

MIke Jarrace

MIke Yakiluc

Ralke or Relak Gracie( not sure on the first name)

Jay MAcdonald

CRis Fontaine

Barry Macdonald

Chad Headzeh

Jesse Lessard

Butterbean not fighting just attending

These are just some of the names for fights unofficial!

let's run your post through a spell checker next time.

Chris Peak, Krzysztof Soszynski, Chris Fontaine, Chad Hamzeh,

Fuck spell checker i live life on the edge!

Headzeh was a weak joke!


I wanna see the rematch between Barry Macdonald and Shane Boon. The epic battle which went the distance years ago... two undefeated warriors at the time, in the heart of the okanagan!

anyway, good potential lineup Kyle.


"Headzeh was a weak joke!"

Got a chucle out of me...

Sounds like a great card! How firm are these fights?

I heard something about the card "supposedly" coming on Friday March 11, but haven't been able to find any info. What gives? Argh! Waiting sucks!