KOTC June 10th

We thought we'd take a break between shows just to rest up a bit. It was a boring 20 minutes!!

King of the Cage is back in Edmonton on June 10/06 at the Edmonton Agricom.

Fighters should email keith@kotc.ca to get on the card.

More news on this soon.

Forgot to mention, we are looking for some new fighters from western Canada as well. You will be matched up with someone of similar ability.

Still waiting to hear about the Calgary Stampede card?


hmmm, might have to make a trip up to Edmonton and make a weekend out of it. Roughriders @ Eskimos the day before and then KOTC. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Joslin vs Bongfeldt???
Joslin vs Fredrickson???

Attn KOTC Canada and MFC.


That is all.

Why is max fighting advertising on a KOTC thread?

I want to see Joslin fight for the belt, I was looking forward to the last time he was supposed to fight, but had to pull out for some reason. TTT Joslin and future KOTC Canadian Welterweight Champion


hmm yup CP...


I think Mark is trying to say you could make a pretty awesome weekend for yourself if you planned it right. Attending the Georges St. Pierre Seminar then topping it off with a night at the fights at King of the Cage sounds like a great idea to me! I will see you at both events!!!