KOTC Karange thanks

Hi guys

just wanted to come on and give a big thank you to all who supported me in preparation for the recently passed KOTC karanage event that took place in Calgary Alberta. The show was great and had some pretty exciting fights take place.

all my training partners in Montreal and Toronto area.. far to many to count but as always I appreciate all the help.

Tristar gym-www.tristargym.com

Mississauga's kombat arts -www.kombatarts.com

Toronto BJJ -           www.TOBJJ.com

montreal wrestling club

Gamma- www.montrealmartialarts.com

big thanks to my new bjj coach Bruno Fernandez

my sponsors

No banned substances. a great supplement company I've recently hooked up with that as the name conveys contains NO BANNED SUBSTANCES.    They have some great products check them out at.


also my friends at Sirius  for providing me with top quality fight gear to train in.


and the great crew over at  submitgear  - www.submitgear.com




Claude Patrick


Claude, big congrats. Hope to see you this week at the club.

Congrats Claude!


Ronin MMA

Good job Claude...the sky is the limit man!!!

see you soon!