kotc main events.

king of the cage is proud to announce it's main event of the feb 4th promotion. with luke picklum fighting james fanishier for the 170lb world title. (fanishier beat thomas denny for the world title.)
luke pezzutti vs danny higgins. higgins is in excellent shape training with greg jackson in the usa. and, doing australia proud with his great performances in kotc. luke is a great sprawler with great boxing abilities. will be a fantastic fight.
brad morris vs mick catajar. two super tough men. with the winner being flown to the usa to compete on a p.p.v promotion in the kotc.
tama tehuna vs mal foki. foki is a ground and pound type of fighter. and, local crowd favourite. tehuna a powerful kickboxer. with limited ground ability. but, a huge heart.

tony bonello is fighting seth peruzzelli. seth is a very powerful and dangerous fighter. it will be interesting to see if tony retains his power against a young, fit guy that has been 230lbs/240lbs his whole life. kym robinson is a great kid, with a lot of potential. we look forward to matching him on the show. futher matches to be announced soon.

What are Mr Peruzzelli's details? His record? Who he has fought, beaten, lost to?

Lets hope this goes and ahead and gives Tony a real challenge.

P.S. "230lbs/240lbs" - Why is there such a weight difference???


Seth PETRUZELLI's last victory, was a unanimous decision win against DAN SEVERN, about a year ago. People who reviewed that fight said it was like having to sit though KimovsSevern all over again. He has not fought since and is a horribly poor conditioned fighter. But wait, it get's better..... He lost to Gan McGee via heel hook a few years ago!!!!!

Link to his career / record: http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/fightfinder.asp?search=yes&fighterid=2738

The rest of the card looks very good IMO, and i think there is a large weight difference, as Bonello is making the move up to heavyweight.

I think Seth can feel a rear naked choke coming on.

Looking at his record looks like he either wins with Ko's or loses with submisions. So sounds like if Bonello can stay away from his punches he will have this one in the bag. Wonder if Bonello will be wearing the gi again for this one or not???

Sounds like some good match ups already, hope you get a good match for Kym.

Sounds like a good card already, I am looking forward to the challenge of fighting Mick Cuttajar. And with the bonus of the winner fighting in the States it's a great opportunity to get more Aussie fighter's international expirience. I am also looking forward to watching Danny Higgins fight. There is still a few more fights yet to be announced. Overall it's shaping up to be a good night and should help to step Australian MMA up another level.

Brad Morris

Just dont see why Tony continues fighting out of his weight class. I can understand early on as a promotional thing, seems odd that its continuing.

Is their a website for the KOTC events in Australia?

Tony is moving up in weight he is hoverring around the low 90's and will aim at being around 100kg. Remember guys like COUTURE dominated the HW scene at circa 220lb. Fedor is maybe 110kg Nog 107kg.

Petruzelli is a VERY tough fighter!


True , but they are naturally that weight

Justin in your opinion can Seth beat Bonello on the ground or is his chance of winning by keeping the fight standing?

is that the same seth that fought Bob Sapp in K-1?
the silverback or something?. pretty sure he posts on the UG as budo something.

My opinion is that PETRUZELLI cant beat BONELLO. Yes it is the same guy that fought SAPP in K1


Anyone who's wondering about Seth just has to post on the main forum and ask. You'll get plenty of opinions back and I'd guess not many would be low ones.

Personally, I think Bonello's behind the eight ball on this one.

Justin ,

Do you know what Tony's goals are? Its hard to work out what he is trying to achieve by changing his weight all the time. I think he has fought in 3 weight classes, never defended any of the 4 (or whatever number it is) titles that he has won. I just don't see why he would want to be continously fighting in different weight classes or has heavyweight always been his goal ?

I personally would like to see him decide on a weight class and continue to fight better and better people with the obvious goal of one of the 2 big shows.

John Pedro,

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Justin have you seen Sleth fight???

If so if you think he can win do you think it would be standing or on the ground that he could beat Bonello?

Never heard of Sleth and never seen any of his fights only asking this question after looking at his record as he seems to win by Ko or TKO and his losses seem to be by submisions.

I dont think he can beat BONELLO and of course I have seen him fight. he is a big HW so he does have a punchers chance.


Some info on him - he doesn't really look like a walkover, but he does look like his biggest fan... ;-)

His website

Interview with Seth

Thanks for that Justin, sorry I thought I read that you thought he could beat Bonello...sorry my bad.

Thanks for the links cadmus

He should be very fit with working out 5.5hrs for 2 months leading up to a fight. Also had a pretty good wrestling record.

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