kotc results!

any results yet?

im very happy with my bad english

I've got very little details but I do know that Tom Jones won via TKO and David Heath won via ankle lock.



manny reyes defeats hermes franka by ko r 1. what an upset!!

nice try max, wrong event/date. reyes won't show up anyways.

any results of john dixson's fight?

Bobby Hoffman is obviously not fighting in this KOTC, he fought, and lost by submission, in Jungle Fight 3 tonight.

"Leopoldo Montenegro vs Bobby Hoffmann
Great fight. The fight start with both fighters looking to trade strikes. Hoffmann looking for some punches and Montengro looking for the low-kicks.Montengro was able to took th efight to the ground where after a frenetic exchange of positions, Montenegro went for a foot lock and aftre this aplplied a trianlge which submiited Hoffmann on the first round. "

That was from Bro Hymn.

it serves him right for bailing on kotc. dixson did have a replacement opponent though (supposedly a bjj brown belt). i'm still waiting for that result.

Anyone know if Travis Fulton won or John Dixion won?